Welcome to Organic Play, where the potential of every child blooms. Our unwavering commitment is to provide specialized early intervention services tailored to children on the autism spectrum, whether diagnosed or not, aged 2 to 6 years old.

Our innovative approach is a marriage of two powerful model: the JASPER (Joint Attention Symbolic Play Engagement and Regulation) intervention, Early Start Dever Model (ESDM) and Trauma Informed Applied Behaviour Analysis strategies (ABA) . Through this dynamic fusion, we craft an inclusive and nurturing environment designed to empower children during this crucial developmental phase.

What sets Organic Play apart is the foundation of evidence-based success. Collaborative research conducted between the New York Centre for Infants and Toddlers and UCLA has unequivocally demonstrated that the integration of these two models yields remarkable outcomes in the development of language, engagement, joint attention, and play skills. We take pride in our ability to improve social communication and enhance the overall quality of life for children on the autism spectrum.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to nurture the unique potential within each child. At Organic Play, we are more than a service provider; we are a beacon of hope, a source of support, and a catalyst for positive change. Join us in unlocking the boundless potential of your child.

At Organic Play, we recognize the significance of a play-based and trauma-informed approach. We believe that play is the cornerstone of childhood, and our interventions are structured around this belief. We understand the importance of creating a safe and nurturing environment where children can explore, learn, and thrive.

Our trauma-informed approach ensures that every child receives the care and support they need, taking into account their unique experiences and sensitivities. This approach fosters trust, emotional well-being, and positive interactions, creating a foundation for meaningful progress.

Our Services

Trauma Informed ABA

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques, when employed within a trauma-informed framework, can play a vital role in supporting the development of autistic children. It’s essential to ensure that ABA practices are sensitive to the unique needs and experiences of each child, avoiding any harmful or coercive methods that have been shown to be detrimental. Instead, by incorporating strategies that strengthen play-based interventions, we create a supportive and enriching environment for children on the autism spectrum.

The Value of Music in Education

JASPER Interventions for Autism

JASPER Therapy, short for Joint Attention Symbolic Play Engagement and Regulation Therapy, is a specialized and highly effective intervention approach designed to support children, particularly those on the autism spectrum, in developing critical communication and social skills. This therapeutic approach has gained recognition and popularity in the field of early intervention due to its remarkable impact on children’s development.


Parent Coaching

Project Impact Parent Coaching offers invaluable support and guidance to parents, making a meaningful difference in the lives of families. By providing personalized coaching and resources, We equip parents with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to navigate the complex journey of parenthood. This transformative program fosters healthier parent-child relationships, enhances communication, and empowers parents to effectively address challenges and nurture their children’s development.

The next video by the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University explains the role of play in relationships.

Relationships and Play


In conclusion, providing early intervention to young children with autism, particularly through the innovative JASPER-ABA model, holds immense significance and benefits. Early intervention is like planting the seeds of progress and empowerment, nurturing the unique potential of each child from the very beginning. The JASPER-ABA model, with its focus on fostering communication, enhancing non-verbal expression, promoting joint engagement, and making play purposeful, paves the way for transformative outcomes. It empowers these young learners to engage more effectively with the world, build meaningful relationships, and develop essential life skills. Early intervention doesn’t just shape their immediate future; it lays the foundation for a lifetime of growth, independence, and meaningful connections. It offers hope, resilience, and the promise of a brighter, more inclusive world for children with autism and their families.

Our Core Values

  • Play Based
  • Respect to children’s uniqueness
  • Strengths focused

  • Well-being and natural development
  • Professionalism and honesty
  • Inclusion and equity


“You were so helpful in Graham’s transition to Preschool. I will be forever grateful for that.”

GM Parent

You have been such a wonderland, and we are so fortunate that you came into our live.”

IJ Parent


How do you feel? eg. page. By Irma Canut

HOW DO YOU FEEL a beautiful children’s book with colourful images. Above all, it helps children recognize their feelings and emotions.

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